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Emmett Technique 2013

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Are you in pain or discomfort?

We may have a solution for you with Bow-Emm Therapy.

Jill & Paul combined therapies around Portsmouth More…
Hands on therapy to ease pain


Introducing Emmett Technique More…

Bowen Therapy the Emmett way

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Bowen Therapy relaxes and releases body tension and also allows us to assess your body at the same time More…

Info & videos about Ross & his Emmett Technique

See Ross Emmett talking about and demonstrating his technique. This was filmed at a talk about EMM-Tech in Wales at a Social Care Expo, so most of the audience are involved in caring & nursing professions More…

Learn how to ease pain & discomfort using your fingers

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Don’t just ‘kiss it better’ – make it better!
Learn how to using Emmett Technique’s instant releases  for muscle tension